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Gi Joe 25TH Anniversary Cobra Diver Underwater Trooper Action Figure

Gi Joe 25TH Anniversary Cobra Diver Underwater


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Gi Joe 25TH Anniversary from Hasbro has to be your children's top new super hero miniature. I definitely liked that the toy has detailed action figure is armed and ready for "underwater" battle and comes with weapons and accessories!. Additional features include things like ages 5 and up. The GI Joe toy dimensions are 5.91"H x 4.72"L x 1.18"W. It has a weight of 0.15 lbs. 89947 is the model number for this item. Cheapest price Gi Joe 25TH Anniversary . If you need a great deal for this GI Joe toy, check out our store add to shopping cart button.

The COBRA DIVER division is comprised of COBRA ® infantry troopers who have received training in underwater combat, demolitions and infiltration. Thwart GI JOE team members - or just create your collection! Check out this weapon-wielding water warrior! To that end, each COBRA DIVER wants to be the one to retrieve the precious water element for COBRA COMMANDER ® and win his notice - and approval. They know that if they prove themselves to be thoroughly competent at their job, they will have a true shot at being selected to join the elite EEL team. They're identified as"grunts with fins"by higher-ranking COBRA forces, however the COBRA DIVER units let it roll off their backs like water. - with this outfitted action figure. Complete with weapons and accessories, the articulated action-seeker is ready for battle!


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