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G. I. Joe Lady Jaye Action Figure

Lady Jaye Action Figure
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GI Joe

Model: A0265
UPS: 653569781554
Package Quantity: 1

Big fun to play superheroes with Lady Jaye Action Figure ! Just one of the major features is the create exciting adventures with g. i. joe action figures. The bar code, aka the "Universal Product Code" for this is 653569781554. It's dimensions are 8.31" Height x 1.26" Length x 5.51" Width and has got a weight of 0.02 lbs, visit the hyperlink below.

Lady Jaye can be a covert ops specialist and weapons professional on the G. I. Joe team. Using her elite intelligence skills, she helps uncover an evil Cobra plot. It's all in your hands! G. I. Joe might be the ultimate commando, but he needs allies in the fight against the forces of Cobra! Build your G. I. Joe army with this Lady Jaye figure! Between her arsenal and her covert ops skills, will her Cobra enemies be able to take her down? Send her on a secret mission in disguise! She disguises herself inside a daring mission to infiltrate the lair of the enemy and prove the terrifying truth!


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