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Gi Joe Movie 2 Bravo Vehicle - Ninja 4X4 With Snake Eyes

Movie 2 Bravo Vehicle
Gi Joe Movie 2 Bravo Vehicle Ninja 4X4 With Snake Eyes Image 1

GI Joe

Model: 98700
UPS: 653569729730
Package Quantity: 1

Movie 2 Bravo Vehicle has to be your kids biggest brand new hero. I'm sure you will love that the product includes this feature of ninja commando 4x4 vehicle has a roll cage and four-wheel suspension. Other features include press the button to fire the launcher. Model Number 0653569729730. The toy dimensions are 2.68"H x 11.5"L x 5.98"W. The warranty information from the manufacturer is one year warranty against defects.

Each GI Joe Retaliation Bravo Vehicle includes a 3 Â ¾ â € GI Joe figure and action function accessories. GI Joe Retaliation Bravo Vehicles Series 01: Ninja Commando 4x4 includes a Snake-Eyes figure. The Ninja Commando â € TMs four-wheel suspension, operating in concert with all the grappling hook launcher, enables the tiny maneuverable vehicle to conquer even the most adverse terrain, placing Snake Eyes inside direct vicinity of otherwise inaccessible Cobra fortifications. The Ninja Commando 4x4 attributes turning front wheels and grappling hook launcher.


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