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G. I. Joe Retaliation Flint Action Figure

Retaliation Flint Action Figure

G.I. Joe

Model: 98708
UPS: 653569757528
Package Quantity: 1

Retaliation Flint is absolutely great to play with. Part Number 0653569757528. Among the list of best attributes is the rough and ready flint figure comes heavily armed. Other highlights consist of zip line has 5 feet of string and zip line attaches to figure. The GI Joe toy is 8.31" Height x 1.26" Length x 5.51" Width and it weighs somewhere around 0.16 lbs. Brand new Retaliation Flint . I would like for you to get the best price and service when purchasing a GI Joe toy.

A tough young member of the G. I. JOE team, FLINT rappels down a zip line to infiltrate an enemy base and destroy a menacing missile silo. It's all in your hands! With his working zip line, this commando figure can drop into any fight and win! G. I. JOE is the ultimate commando but even he needs backup to fight the forces of COBRA! Will he and his weapons prevail against the forces of evil? This super-soldier FLINT figure is armed to the teeth and has the weaponry and cunning to take on whatever his COBRA enemies (other figures sold separately) throw at him.


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