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G. I. Joe Retaliation Tactical Ninja Team Set

Retaliation Tactical Ninja Team Set
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G.I. Joe

Model: 98965
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Package Quantity: 1

Retaliation Tactical , a great GI Joe toy manufactured by G.i. Joe is a wonderful super hero toy doll. 989650000 is the model number for this item. I actually loved that it has the feature of set includes agent mouse, snake eyes: g. i. joe ninja and sgt airborne figures. Additional features include things like includes weapons, removable vest and working rappelling line. The GI Joe toy is 5.75"H x 11.81"L x 2.13"W and has a weight of 0.5 lbs. The magic formula for you to get good information about GI Joe toys is to try and take a look at a large number of recommendations. You may read about the experience someone's boy or girl experienced when using the item. Make certain you consider the price tag on toys. If you want a good deal on this GI Joe toy, click on the shopping cart add to shopping cart button.

The G. I. Joe team launches a surprise attack on Cobra. Ninja commando Snake Eyes utilizes a rappelling line to breach the enemy's defenses as SGT. On the ground, Agent Mouse takes aim with his marksman rifle in the evil Cobra forces. The best secret mission is on and also the figures in this incredible G. I. Joe Tactical Ninja Team Set are going to carry it out. Will their mission succeed? Your Agent Mouse, Snake Eyes: G. I. Joe Ninja and SGT. Your Agent Mouse figure can use his marksman skills to pick off Cobra enemies while your SGT. Its up to you. Airborne descends from the sky. Airborne figure descends from the sky in his paratrooper gear. Airborne special-ops figures have the ninja skills and weapons to breach the enemy's defenses, and their working rappelling line lets them drop into battle from above.

Product FeaturesSet consists of Agent Mouse, Snake Eyes: G. I. Joe Ninja and SGT; Airborne figuresIncludes weaponsRemovable vestWorking rappelling line Set includes 3 figures and accessoriesProduct Measures: 3. 8"x 15. 3"x 6. 25 lbs. 1"0.


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