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G. I. Joe The Rise Of Cobra 3 3/4 Action Figure Agent Helix (covert Operations)

Rise Of Cobra 3 34 Action Figure


Model: 92880
UPS: 653569413738
Package Quantity: 1

Rise Of Cobra 3 3/4 , a great GI Joe toy manufactured by Hasbro is a wonderful super hero toy doll. 92880 is the model number for this item. The GI Joe toy is 5.51"H x 5.51"L x 1.18"W and has a weight of 0.21 lbs. The magic formula for you to get good information about GI Joe toys is to try and take a look at a large number of recommendations. You may read about the experience someone's boy or girl experienced when using the item. Make certain you consider the price tag on toys. If you want a good deal on this GI Joe toy, click on the shopping cart add to shopping cart button.

AGENT HELIX is really a covert operations officer with advanced martial arts training and expert marksmanship. An Olympic-class gymnast, her distinctive"whirlwind attack"is an overpowering combination of kicks and firepower. Her preferred weapon? Dual 10mm autopistols.


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