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Sky Striker Jet With Capt. Ace Figure

Sky Striker Jet With Capt Ace Figure

GI Joe

Model: 35671
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A blast to play superheroes with Sky Striker Jet . In my opinion you will love that it has got this skystriker jet has wings that sweep in and out and working landing gear. Other highlights include comes with figure, highly detailed and g. i. joe the real american hero. 653569646464 is the bar code for this ideal product. The toy is 12.99"H x 3.5"L x 18.5"W. It has a weight of 2.98 lbs. Online deals for Sky Striker Jet .

Complete with pivoting"airsweep"wings plus a CAPT. Combat Jet Sky Striker XP-21F VehicleAt a Glance:Age/Weight Requirements: This jet also comes with removable missile accessories for plenty of firepower. ACE figure eager to"fly", the G. I. JOE Combat Jet Sky Striker XP-21F car is ready for lift-off. Your CAPT ACE figure is set to"fly"into victory getting a fast, effective jet designed for heavy fighting. This pairing of professional pilot with advanced aircraft is your best bet in any combat situation.

This jet functions pivoting wings and retractable landing gear, letting your CAPTAIN ACE figure sweep intothe action. View larger. Ace Pilot Ready for Combat

A fighter jet as potent because the Combat Jet Sky Striker XP-21F deserves a pilot who knows the best way to handle the controls. ACE would rather fly than do anything else, and he has the abilities to back up his passion. Whatever air strike battles come your way, CAPT. CAPT. ACE may be the best man to take the Combat Jet Sky Striker XP-21F for the skies.

CAPT. ACE was a civilian pilot in Alaska until he took a job as a stunt pilot. CAPT. Speedy Jet Fighter with Moving Wings and Missiles He has an intuitive knack with any kind of aircraft and an equally uncanny gift as a poker player. ACE can coax probably the most out of any plane and almost usually holds the winning hand in a game, without even cheating. Then he joined the Air Force to develop to be a combat pilot.

With CAPT. Open the cockpit to put the included CAPT. ACE figure in the pilot's seat and retract the landing gear for takeoff. Deploy the retractable landing gear when it's time for a speedy landing. ACE on your side, you're ready to"fly"to wild victories. If you need more firepower, load up the missiles. As the action heats up, slide the lever to pivot the wings forward and back.


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