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Snake Eyes Gi Joe Retaliation Action Figure

Snake Eyes Retaliation Action Figure4 Star Rating
Snake Eyes Retaliation Action FigureSnake Eyes Gi Joe Retaliation Action Figure Image 1
Snake Eyes Retaliation Is Very Big Fun To Play With

Snake Eyes Retaliation Action Figure , a great product manufactured by Gi Joe is so very thrilling to play with. I definitely liked that the item has the feature of use the anchors to attach the line to objects. Additional features include send your figure zipping down the line. It's 8.27"H x 1.26"L x 5.51"W. It has a weight of 0.18 lbs. Model# 0653569730422. Looking for Snake Eyes Retaliation Action Figure .

snake eyes retaliation action figure ultimate

Price: $3.98
Manufacturer: GI Joe
Model: 98493
UPC: 653569730422


G. Will he and his weapons prevail against the forces of evil? If strength and cunning won't get the job done, his arm-mounted missile launchers fire missiles at his enemies! I. Joe may be the ultimate commando but even he needs backup to fight the forces of Cobra! Your hardcore Snake Eyes figure is armed to the teeth and ready to take on whatever his Cobra enemies (other figures sold separately) throw at him. It's all in your hands! With 5 feet of string included, he can use his ninja zipline launcher to swoop into the fight!


  • Load a missile in one of the launchers, then press the button to launch
  • Rough and ready Snake Eyes figure can fight at close quarters or from a distance with his arm-mounted missile launchers
  • The figure? s zipline launcher has over 5 feet of string
  • Send your figure zipping down the line
  • Use the anchors to attach the line to objects
  • Count: 1
  • Dimensions: Height: 8.27" Length: 1.26" Depth: 5.51"
  • Weight: 0.18 lbs.
  • Package Dim.: Height: 0.6" Length: 5.4" Depth: 5.1"
  • Package Weight: 0.55 lbs.


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